Right Whales


January, 2020

When: Thursday, January 16 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Where: Marine Discovery Center, 520 Barracuda Blvd, NSB, 32169

Cost: FREE

The lecture is open to the public at no charge and no reservations are required.

The winter months offer the migratory season for North Atlantic Right Whales, which will be the featured topic at the Marine Discovery Center’s January 2020 monthly lecture series.

This endangered species may be spotted from the shorelines of Central Florida as whale mothers give birth to calves during this time.

Julie Albert, who oversees the North Atlantic Right Whale Conservation Program for the Marine Resources Council, will provide an update on these mammals, whose population has continued to decline in recent years.

The lecture will be held Thursday, Jan. 16, starting at 6 p.m., and will be hosted by the Marine Discovery Center, located at 520 Barracuda Boulevard in New Smyrna Beach.

Albert will also provide contact information for coastal residents who may observe the whales this winter. Local citizen involvement has been critical in protecting the mothers and calves through a contact network. Citizen reporting has helped officials alert cargo ships and fishing vessels about whales in specific areas, enabling the whales to escape potential deadly encounters.

For more information about the lecture, contact the Marine Discovery Center at 386-428-4828.

The lecture is open to the public at no charge  |  No reservations are required
Early arrival is recommended ~ seating is limited.