Saturdays on the Marsh

Learn how to bring fun & sustainable conservation practices into your own home!

Saturdays on the Marsh are designed to introduce sustainable practices into your household by educating on the designated topic and then demonstrating easy implementation. By providing a foundation of environmental mindfulness within your family unit, small practices can lead to big ideas that positively impact our community. The take-away item will be crafted as a family and is intended to be used or enjoyed as a family. This workshop will inspire attendees to reuse and repurpose single-use items to make life at home a little more green.

These workshops are suitable for all age groups and are geared toward families & households.

This program is offered once a month from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Each workshop is $6 per person. This program will be held outdoors under our covered pavilion and out on our property.

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family making oyster windchimes

September 23 • Painting With Propagules
Florida’s mangroves provide services for critters of all shapes and sizes. Let’s learn about the history of the mangrove and its biology while we paint a canvas using propagules and other native plants.

October 28 • Mystery in the Mangroves
The mangrove swamp was in a state of harmony until all of a sudden . . . it wasn’t! Follow the clues laid out across campus to unveil the culprit behind the vanishing of the oyster reef, who-dunnit style!

November 11 • Water Conservation
Bring your own container (the size of a pretzel barrel or protein powder container, approximately 70 ounces)! We will learn about water conservation while making and decorating our own rain barrels.

December 16 • Compost & Home Gardening
Bring your own container (the size of a pretzel barrel or protein powder container, approximately 70 ounces)! Come have a picnic on Mt. Morgan and bring your food scraps down to the workshop! We will be creating and personalizing our own container while learning some home gardening skills and how to avoid food waste.

January 20 • Migration Mania
January is a fantastic time to be a birder in Florida! We will break out the binoculars, see who is soaring over Mt. Morgan, and review why Florida is such a great place for a bird in the winter. We will be creating our own bird feeder to hang from a porch or in your home garden!

February 17 • Bug Motel
Creepee crawlees are everywhere and thankfully so! Without bugs, our world would fall apart, and we will discover how! Everyone will come away with a bug hotel to be kept outdoors! Please bring a 16 oz. plastic bottle for the project.

March 16 • Native Plant Pressing CANCELLED
Spring is in the air and it is time to go plant shopping! Before you do, stop by this workshop and explore a variety of Florida native plants and what makes them the best choice for your yard and our Lagoon.

April 13 • Shuck and Share
We owe many thanks to oysters, our built-in water filters! During this workshop, we will explore how human impact has harmed oysters in the past and how human impact can help oysters in the future. We will be crafting oyster wind chimes to take home and decorate your outdoor area!

May 11 • Identifying Edible Plants
Tasty treats are all around us, all you need to do is . . . identify! Florida’s mangrove swamps and marshes are filled with wild, edible plants. We will learn to identify the plants, go foraging, rinse our bounty, and put together an afternoon snack! Who is bringing the ranch dressing?

If you have any questions about this program,
please contact Carley Metcalf at [email protected] or 386.428.4828. 

Our Mission:

"To protect and restore Florida's coastal and Indian River Lagoon ecosystems
through education, research and community stewardship."