We are sad to report that Marine Discovery Center will be ending our archery program after this Summer 2019 season.

We’re offering campers one last chance to try their hand at a bow and arrow at MDC during our half-day and three-day archery summer camps.

Our education department continues to grow every year by offering more and more opportunities for our local community to get outside and experience our local ecosystems. As we grow, our staff has become busier creating and running all of the great programs we offer and no longer have the capacity to run our archery program.

We loved having everyone participate that past few years and saw so much improvement through all of our clinics and camps. We hope that some of you continue this wonderful sport! But…

We still have Archery Summer Camp scheduled for this coming 2019 summer; this will be your last chance to participate in our archery program before it ends! We are offering 2 half-day archery camps and 1 three-day archery camp; dates, pricing, and more are available here. We hope to see some of you taking aim here at MDC this summer!

If you are interested in continuing the sport of archery, we are always here for questions and as a resource for information on other locations and programs in which to practice and participate.