Conservation Science Updates

Updated August 3, 2022
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Microplastics in July

In July, volunteers collected water samples from 4 sites along the IRL for microplastics analyzation. Results show that a total of 3 particles were found, all of which were fibers. The most common color was blue, followed by black

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Lagoonwatch  | water quality monitoring

Water quality metrics maintained good levels in July despite an overall rise in water temperatures! Lagoonwatch volunteers are reporting fair conditions at all sites.

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Removing Old Oyster Mats
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To participate in most of our conservation science programs, you must first become an MDC Volunteer.

Visit our volunteer page for information or contact Volunteer Coordinator Heather Gilder at

To learn more about our citizen science and shoreline restoration projects, contact Conservation Science Coordinator Tess Sailor-Tynes at

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