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Updated May 3, 2022
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MDC volunteers, along with help from Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, created 105 biodegradable oyster mats in April! These units will provide stable material for ~10,080 oyster spat in the Indian River Lagoon, while restoring damaged reefs.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, RSVP to to join our workshops every Tuesday & Thursday from 9am-12pm!

Making Oyster Mats
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Gamble Rogers Restoration

Gamble Rogers Shoreline Restoration

In early April, MDC volunteers joined UCF staff and students to restore 500 feet of shoreline at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area. Over 230 oyster bags and 125 cement/jute volcanos were moved down the shoreline to create a beautiful barrier for high boat wakes! These materials along with grasses and mangroves will bring new life to the area, ultimately contributing to a healthier habitat.

Want to get involved? Join our biodegradable oyster mat-making workshops and visit our Facebook Page and UCFCEELAB’s Facebook Page for upcoming public deployment days! You can also become an MDC Volunteer for even more opportunities.

Gamble Rogers Shoreline Restoration from UCF CEELAB

Photo courtesy of UCF’s CEELAB

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Microplastics in April

In April, volunteers collected microplastics samples from Bouchelle Boat Ramp, South Causeway, and Trout Ave. There were a total of 10 microplastics found which included 9 fibers and 1 fragment. Majority of the fibers were 1mm-2.5mm in length with the most common colors being black and clear.

Bill Arndt scours water samples for microplastics
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To participate in most of our conservation science programs, you must first become an MDC Volunteer.

Visit our volunteer page for information or contact Volunteer Coordinator Heather Gilder at

To learn more about our citizen science and shoreline restoration projects, contact Conservation Science Coordinator Tess Sailor-Tynes at

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