Salt Marsh Monitoring

In 2014, MDC received a grant that allowed for a 5½ salt marsh restoration on our site. MDC volunteers and staff, FWC, and some of our other community partners joined forces to help plant a variety of native coastal species in the marsh. Volunteers planted 25,000 plugs of native upland and wetland plants, such as spartina alterniflora (Florida cord grass), the marsh’s key plant species.

Over time our restored salt marsh has become a vital habitat for many key lagoon species. MDC partners with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and University of Central Florida to regularly monitor plants, soil, marine species and water quality in the marsh.  Volunteers are often needed to help with fish, invertebrate, and plant surveys using equipment such as seine nets, fyke nets, and quadrats.

Contact Tess Sailor-Tynes at [email protected] for more information on salt marsh monitoring.

To participate in salt marsh monitoring and our other citizen science programs, you must first become an MDC Volunteer. Visit our volunteer page for information.

Our Mission:

"To protect and restore Florida's coastal and Indian River Lagoon ecosystems
through education, research and community stewardship."